6. April 2017

FDA defines cellulose as dietary fibre with beneficial health effect

The new definition of dietary fibre by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not relevant for American food manufacturers alone. Manufacturers who export their food products to the USA must in future also comply with the new labelling requirements.

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30. March 2017

JELU products sparked interest at FI China 2017

The JELUCEL® plant fibres and celluloses from JELU-WERK sparked a wide interest at Food Ingredients China 2017. Together with our sales partner Jobachem we presented our products at the international trade fair for food ingredients and additives.

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15. March 2017

International food fair AAHAR 2017

Together with its Indian partner MALU GROUP, JELU-WERK presented its plant fibres JELUCEL PF, WF, OF and BF at AAHAR 2017, the biggest food fair in India.

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8. February 2017

Food Ingredients China 2017

From 24 until 26 March 2017, JELU-WERK will be showcasing its JELUCEL® plant fibres and celluloses at Food Ingredients China (FIC). Together with our sales partner Jobachem, we will present our celluloses, wheat fibres, oat fibres and bamboo fibres at stand 61D30 in Shanghai.

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23. November 2016

Lignocellulose: a nutrient-independent feed supplement

Lignocellulose is a natural feed supplement which increases the crude fibre content of animal food. The crude fibre content of food is an important factor in pet health. Although the food formulation specifies how high the optimal content should be, studies show repeatedly that the crude fibre ration of animals is insufficient. Lignocellulose has a constant high crude fibre content. Therefore, our JELUVET® lignocellulose makes it possible to feed an optimal, standardised crude fibre portion.

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29. August 2016

Brisk demand at Fi South America

We experienced a lively interest in our plant fibres at Food Ingredients South America. In food technology, our natural plant fibres are being used as fat replacer, free-flow agent, anti-caking agent, structure enhancer, texturing agent and for many other applications.

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16. August 2016

JELU to showcase at Fi South America

From 23 until 25 August 2016, JELU will be exhibiting at Food Ingredients in São Paulo, Brazil. Together with ECIL Trading, our exclusive sales partner for South America, we will present our plant fibres at stand 142.

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17. May 2016

Anti-caking agent for foods and spices: natural cellulose powder

Anti-caking agents such as JELUCEL® cellulose are indispensable in the food industry. They are used as anti-sticking agents for confectionery, as anti-clumping agents in cheese processing and as free-flow agents in the manufacture and processing of powdered foodstuffs. JELUCEL® is an organic anti-caking agent that consists of pure powdered cellulose.

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2. December 2015

Food Ingredients Europe 2015

JELU-WERK will be showcasing at Food Ingredients 2015, taking place in Paris this year, until 3 December. We will present our plant fibres at stand 7D9 of the world’s most important trade fair for food ingredients.

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21. October 2015

Food Ingredients India

At this year's international trade fair Food Ingredients & Health Ingredients India, our distribution partner MALU GROUP presented our plant fibres for foods: cellulose, wheat fibres, oat fibres and bamboo fibres.

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