Feed supplement, bedding and litter


The JELU product range for pets and livestock comprises lignocellulose and cellulose as feed supplement, bedding and litter.

Feed supplement and crude fibre component

Our lignocellulose and cellulose are pure natural products. They serve as a feed supplement for livestock and as a crude fibre component to manufacture energy-reduced pet food.

JELUVET® lignocellulose is used as a nutrient-independent and standardisable crude fibre component for compound feed. The natural fibres, which are available as powder or granulate, increase the crude fibre content in feed.

JELUCEL® comprises natural cellulose, which is used in energy-reduced food for pets. JELUCEL® increases the fibre content and at the same time reduces the energy density of pet food. Our cellulose is available as fibres and powder.

Animal bedding and litter

Our bedding and litter products are made exclusively from untreated wood fibres. They are highly absorbent and economical in use. You can also sell our bedding or litter as a private label product.

COSYCAT is a soft organic cat litter, neutralising odours faster. Having a water absorption capacity of more than 700%, the litter forms clumps quickly.

COSYFLOCK® is a dust-free and highly absorbent animal bedding that is suitable especially for small animals and horses.

JELUDRY® is a highly absorbent special bedding for poultry breeding.

We deliver all our products according to your needs – in small packages, in paper or polyethylene bags, as loose material and in big bags.

Cellulose and lignocellulose

Our celluloses and lignocelluloses are used as crude fibre component for energy-reduced pet foodand as feed supplement for animal breeding. Our lignocelluloses are also suitable as animal bedding.