Crude fibre source – lignocellulose

The natural crude fibre source under the brand name JELUVET® is an all-natural lignocellulose. JELUVET® is used as a nutrient-independent and standardisable crude fibre component for compound feed. Our lignocellulose is characterised by:

  • absence of mycotoxins
  • a crude fibre content 2-3 times higher than conventional crude fibre sources
  • excellent swelling and water binding capacity
  • manufacture from controlled resources
  • production certified according to ISO 9001 and HACCP

High-fibre feed supplement

The proportion of crude fibre in JELUVET® lignocellulose is far higher than for common crude fibre sources. Therefore, small amounts of lignocellulose are enough to supplement the feed with the recommended crude fibre ration. Since the crude fibre content is constantly high, only a small amount needs to be added to the feed. All products are available in excellent feed quality and with a manufacturing process certified under the German Quality Scheme (QS).

Energy-reduced pet food

The JELUVET® lignocellulose is added to pet food to increase the dietary fibre content of dog and cat foods. The energy content is reduced, while the energy density remains unchanged. Energy-reduced food is well suited for weight reduction and as senior food.

The product

Our JELUVET® lignocellulose is available as fibres or granulate. Using a special production process, we preserve the product’s natural and fibrous structure. The natural crude fibre source has outstanding free-flowing and machine-compatible properties. Compacting the fibres into a granulate further improves their processing capability and streamlines logistics.

Crude fibre for small animals
JELUVET® is also increasingly gaining acceptance in poultry and rodent feeding!

We hope for your understanding

For legal reasons, we can supply our products only to companies and not to private individuals.

DesignationPowderFine granulateCoarse granulate
Preferred usageFor Premixing without milling or shreddingEasy-flow and silo-compatible for premixing with slight milling or shreddingEasy-flow and silo-compatible for premixing with stronger milling or shredding

Analysis of dietary fibre in feed

62% cellulose + hemicelluloses
Weende feed analysis
65% / DM crude fibre
27.1% nitrogen‐free extract
3.9% water
< 0.2% crude ash
0.9% crude protein
0.4% total crude fat
Van Soest detergent analysis
85 % / DM NDF (hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin)
65 % / DM ADF (cellulose and lignin)
20 % / DM ADL (lignin)
DM = on dry matter base