Our organic cat litter COSYCAT®

Picture of fine and coarse variants of our organic cat litter COSYCAT®
Our cat litter is produced from natural wood using timber from sustainably managed forests. The litter is PEFC-certified. When they come into contact with urine, the natural fibres form stable clumps. Individual clumps can be flushed down the toilet, larger quantities can be disposed of as biodegradable waste or with household refuse.

We manufacture the cat litter by reducing the wood to coarse chips, which are then ground down into very fine wood fibres. We process these into a fine granulate, thereby achieving a manifold increase in the natural water retention capacity of the wood. We sieve the granulate and remove the dust. The organic clumping litter consists of soft, virtually dust-free particles with a water retention capacity of more than 800%.

Private label cat litter

We supply COSYCAT® in a variety of packagings: in paper bags, PE sacks or big bags as desired. Paper packaging takes account of the consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging. Cat litter supplied in PE sacks can be stored outside for longer periods without becoming damp. We also offer a private label option, supplying our cat litter in the packaging of your choice printed with your company’s logo and details. For companies that wish to package the litter themselves, our organic clumping litter is supplied in big bags.

Compelling arguments

Ecological cat litter

Our organic cat litter

  • clumps quickly and efficiently
  • is extremely absorbent
  • traps odours
  • is antibacterial
  • is especially economical
  • weighs little
  • is environmentally friendly
  • can be composted
  • can be disposed of with household refuse

You can find out more about how to use and dispose of our organic cat litter on our application page Cat Litter.

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Various types of packaging

We supply our organic cat litter in a variety of packagings and also as a private label product. Different types of packaging are possible, such as paper bags, PE sacks or big bags. 

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You can find out more about how to use and dispose of our cat litter on our application page about organic cat litter.

Cat litter brochure

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