Highly effective food fibres

The use of cellulose and food fibres in food processing is versatile.
The use of food fibres in food processing is versatile.

The JELUCEL® product family comprises a range of highly effective vegetable food fibres of different origins. They consist of about 98% insoluble dietary fibres. Our food fibres are neutral to the senses and colourless. They provide numerous nutritional and technological benefits for food development and production.

Our functional food fibres

  • Consist of 98% insoluble dietary fibres
  • Increase the fibre content
  • Reduce caloric value
  • Facilitate digestion
  • Are tasteless
  • Retain water up to 1,000 per cent

Functional food fibres from the JELUCEL® product family:

Depending on the type of food, the marketing objective and the manufacturing process, different functional properties and benefits of the individual JELUCEL® products come to the fore.

Use our traditional additive JELUCEL® PF (powdered cellulose), for example, for water retention, texture improvement and moisture dispersion.

Or make use of the nutritional properties provided by our plant fibres JELUCEL® WF, JELUCEL® OF and JELUCEL® BF. With our plant fibres, for example, you can increase the fibre content of your products to more than the claimable total content of 3%, while reducing the caloric value.

The individual applications must comply with the food regulations of the respective country in which the end products are marketed, and must in particular cases be evaluated by experts.