Cellulose fibres as additive for tile adhesives

JELUCEL® Cellulosen im Fliesenkleber sorgen dafür, dass der Kleber langsamer trocknet.
JELUCEL® celluloses ensure that the adhesive dries more slowly.

Our celluloses are added to mineral building materials such as tile adhesives.

JELUCEL® celluloses retain water and ensure that the adhesive dries more slowly. As a consequence it can be applied to the substrate more homogeneously and retains a smooth texture for longer. The increased drying time and associated prolonged open time lead to optimal processing properties.

The adhesion properties are also improved. JELUCEL® not only affects the adhesive’s bonding to the substrate, but also the tile’s bonding to the adhesive. The slipping tendency of the tile decreases, while the tensile adhesion strength increases.

The properties and qualities of your tile adhesive can be influenced by the amount and grain size of the JELUCEL® cellulose you add.