Cellulose powder – food additive from natural raw materials

The cellulose powder under the brand name JELUCEL® PF has a dietary fibre content of 99% and is made from renewable plants. Our raw materials are provided by nature.

Our cellulose powder can be used in numerous fields of application because of its product properties. Application examples are:

  • Texturiser
  • Texture stabiliser
  • Humectant
  • Anti-caking and anti-sticking agent
  • Carrier substance for other additives
  • Dietary fibre

JELUCEL® PF cellulose powder has product properties that make it an ideal substance for use in food manufacturing. JELUCEL® PF is:

  • Chemically inert
  • Tasteless
  • Neutral in colour
  • Available as powder or fibre
  • Made from vegetable raw materials

Cellulose powder in different grades

JELUCEL® PF cellulose is available in different grain sizes. It is delivered in different containers and sizes of trading units, depending on the customers’ needs. All JELUCEL® PF grades are identical to the food additive cellulose (E 460ii).

A quick overview of possible applications can be found in the box on the right screen section. For further information, see the application pages in the Food section.

JELUCEL® PF product overview

For detailed information on grinding fineness and properties, please see the following subpages:

Approval and labelling
Within the European Union, cellulose powder is approved for most foods with no quantity limitations. On food labels, cellulose has to be designated by its function-dependent class name (e.g. stabiliser, bulking agent or anti-sticking agent) and the chemical name (cellulose) or E-number (E 460ii).

Please consider the specific regulations for food approval and food labelling in your country.

For detailed information on your specific application, please contact our application engineers. Phone: +49 (0)7967 – 9091 – 0.