Cellulose and dietary fibre for food

Our cellulose and dietary fibre concentrates made from wheatoats and bamboo optimise the production and the product properties of foods. Our multifunctional plant fibres and additives are used in processing bread and baked goods, meat and meat products, cheese, pasta and noodles, instant products and spices, dietetic food, confectionery and convenience food.

Lignocellulose and cellulose for animal food

Lignocellulose and cellulose are nutrient-independent and standardisable crude fibre components. Our lignocellulose is a crude fibre source that is 100% free of mycotoxins and is used for compound feed of pigs, poultry and rabbits. Our cellulose reduces the energy content of pet food for overweight dogs and cats. We also produce animal bedding for small animals like mice.

Fillers and additives for the technical industry

Our functional cellulose and wood fibresoptimise modern filter technology and improve the properties of technical products such as floor coverings, cardboard, plastics and welding electrodes. We also provide pure-grade wood fibres for wood plastic composite (WPC), and we process wood fibres, polypropylene and additives to manufacture a high-quality WPC granulate.

Improving the carbon footprint with JELU products

Organic cat litter as private label product

Natural clumping litter with high absorbency.

  • Supply in different sizes and trading units
  • Paper bags, PE sacks or big bags
  • Optional: Supply as private label product

Bioplastic from JELU

Our environmentally friendly bioplastic JELUPLAST® is manufactured from food-safe plastic and wood fibres. It is suitable for:

  • injection moulding
  • extrusion
  • compression moulding
  • blow moulding
  • foaming

Learn more about JELUPLAST® here in this video or at www.jeluplast.com.