A new material is conquering the world: wood plastic composite

Using the injection moulding technique, WPC granulate from JELU is used to manufacture beauty cases.
Using the injection moulding technique, WPC granulate from JELU is used to manufacture the beauty cases shown in the picture. To enlarge the picture, please click on it.

Wood plastic composite (WPC) is a new material that is experiencing high growth rates worldwide. The new composite material consists of wood, plastics and additives in different proportions. WPC combines the advantages of renewable raw materials with the benefits of the fossil raw material mineral oil. With the help of thermoplastic forming techniques such as extrusion and injection moulding, WPC is used to produce numerous products such as decking, skirting boards, floor tiles, coverings, window frames and noise protection walls.

Wood fibres and powders for WPC

The quality of WPC is determined by the quality of its ingredients. JELU offers functional wood fibres and powders of the best quality for the production of a high-quality composite. We have many years of experience in manufacturing WPC and have been working together with well-known companies for years.

WPC granulate

Using a self-developed technique, JELU processes wood fibres and plastics such as polypropylene to manufacture a high-quality WPC for extrusion and injection moulding. Many years of experience, high-quality ingredients and comprehensive in-house testing assure outstanding quality and a composite that is easy to process.

If you have questions on WPC, its ingredients and processing, we will be glad to help you. Please contact us on +49 (0)7967 – 9091 – 0.

More about WPC

To learn more about our WPC granulate and our wood flours for wood plastic composite, see our new website www.jeluplast.com

There you will also find information about processing wood plastic composite as well as pictures of products manufactured with extrusion and injection moulding techniques using WPC granulate from JELU.