Lignocellulose and cellulose: dietary fibre for pet food

Lignocellulose and cellulose are used in pet food as dietary fibre – also referred to as crude fibre in animal feed. Both feed materials are neutral in taste. According to studies, the added dietary fibre in the food stimulates peristalsis, shortening the time it takes for the food to pass through the large intestine. Food rich in dietary fibre, therefore, prevents sluggish bowel movements and constipation. Both lignocellulose and cellulose bind water and give structure to the faeces, improving its consistency. Even animals with a tendency to soft, improperly formed stools can benefit from these dietary fibres. Do lignocellulose and cellulose, however, really have the same effects?

Three eating dogs: symbol picture for study on cellulose and lignocellulose in dog food

Pet food enriched with cellulose or lignocellulose has a high acceptance rate in dogs
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Effects of lignocellulose and cellulose

JELU-WERK has looked into this question and commissioned the German University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover to produce a scientific study. The study compared the effects of our JELUCEL® cellulose and JELUVET® lignocellulose in complete food for dogs. The study showed that cellulose and lignocellulose are not only eaten equally well, they also have the same positive effects.

Improved faeces quality

Pet food enriched with JELUCEL® or JELUVET® ensures that dogs produce a considerably higher amount of faeces. The stools are well formed and do not leave any residues when removed.

Lower energy digestibility with the same digestibility of other nutrients

If more dietary fibre is added to pet food, the energy density and digestibility of the food is reduced. Animals take up less energy via the food. The feeding trial conducted by JELU showed that this had no effect on the digestibility of the important minerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium contained in the pet food. When eating, dogs absorb these vital nutrients in equal measure with lower gross energy digestibility. The JELUCEL® and JELUVET® additives can thus assist in weight loss.

JELUCEL® and JELUVET® – natural plant fibres

Our cellulose and lignocellulose are pure plant fibres. They are available as powder or fibre and are suitable for fibre enrichment (to increase the crude fibre content) of pet food. Added to animal feed, they reduce energy digestibility and have a positive effect on stool formation. As well as this, the increase in volume in the stomach produces a feeling of satiation in the dog. The fibre thus prevents weight gain as well as aiding weight reduction. This is advantageous for overweight dogs. Even dogs with properly managed diabetes can benefit from food rich in dietary fibre, as a high crude fibre content in the food can slow down the blood sugar increase after food intake. JELUCEL® and JELUVET® can be used in the manufacture of:

  • Senior food
  • Dietetic food

These additives are also suitable for allergic pets because they are:

  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Fructose-free

You can find further information about the effects of our dietary fibre in dog food on our website. If you are interested in the study commissioned by JELU, please send us an e-mail. We will be happy to forward the results of the study to you.

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