Animal bedding for small and large animals

COSYFLOCK® animal bedding is suitable for small and large animals.
COSYFLOCK® animal bedding is suitable for small and large animals.

Organic bedding

Our COSYFLOCK® animal bedding consists of dust-free softwood flakes. The dust-free bedding stands out on account of its extremely high absorbency, taking up moisture and neutralising odours quickly and effectively. This creates a good climate in the stall and is conducive to animal hygiene. Thanks to its extremely high absorption, the bedding only clumps at a slow rate and needs to be changed less frequently as a result. COSYFLOCK® is the ideal bedding for small pets and horses.

COSYFLOCK® – paw-soft softwood flakes

Organic litter for small animals and rodents

We recommend our COSYPET® litter especially for small animals and rodents. The low-dust wood fibres quickly absorb urine, bind odours and have an antibacterial effect. The ecological litter consists of 100% untreated wood fibres from sustainable forestry and is compostable. To ensure the animal’s well-being, COSYPET® should be combined with a top layer of COSYFLOCK®.

COSYPET® – highly absorbent litter pellets for a hygienic animal home

Special bedding for poultry breeding

To meet the requirements of poultry breeding, we have developed special bedding that is extremely absorbent: JELUDRY®.

Private label option

We supply our organic litter in paper bags or PE sacks. Private labels are also possible.

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