High-fibre cat food – low in calories and filling

Crude fibre reduces the energy content of cat food for a healthy diet

The natural cellulose under the brand name JELUCEL® reduces the energy content of cat food for a healthy diet.

It is estimated that worldwide 40 to 60% of all domestic cats are overweight. Animals with a spare tyre have less vitality and a shorter life expectancy. Being overweight makes cats lethargic and deprives them of the pleasure cats take in exercise and play. Just like people, overweight cats are also more susceptible to disease. They suffer more frequently from:

  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular problems
  • metabolic disorders
  • bone and joint problems
  • and are at increased risk if they have to undergo an operation or general anaesthetic

Cats with a normal weight are healthier and have a better quality of life.

More fibre and reduced energy density

Overweight cats should not simply be given less to eat – this increases the risk of dietary deficiencies and can cause liver damage. High-fibre dietetic foods are both more effective and healthier, being high in fibre and low in energy density. Cellulose, also called feed cellulose or powdered cellulose, is ideal for increasing the amount of fibre in cat food.

Crude fibre for energy-reduced cat food

Depending on context and the analytical methods used, cellulose may be described as crude fibre, dietary fibre or insoluble fibre. JELUCEL® consists of pure cellulose and is added to standard cat food in order to increase the fibre content. Crude fibre can replace 5 to 10% of a cat’s wet or dry food. Cellulose increases dietary fibre content and is ideal for dietetic foods. JELUCEL® is neutral in taste, consists of natural plant fibres and does not contain any preservatives.

High-fibre food for cats with diabetes

Foods for cats with diabetes contain a moderate amount of soluble and insoluble fibre.

High-fibre food

  • delays adsorption of nutrients from the food
  • improves control of blood sugar level in cats with diabetes

The natural JELUCEL® cellulose increases the amount of fibre in cat food and improves the quality of life of cats with diabetes.

JELUCEL® consists of:

97% NDF
(Van Soest detergent analysis)