Dietary fibre for cat food – low in calories, yet filling

Dietary fibre reduces the energy content of cat food for a healthy diet
The natural dietary fibre JELUCEL® and JELUVET® reduces the energy content of cat food and ensures a healthy diet.

JELUCEL® and JELUVET® are natural plant fibres that increase the dietary fibre content in cat food. The fibres reduce the energy content of the food and ensure a healthy diet. Our dietary fibre makes it easy to increase the fibre content in a standardisable way.

Added to wet food, dietary fibre augments the swelling and water absorption capacity, stabilising the moisture content of the food and improving its texture. Feeding your cat with fibre-rich food can also reduce the occurrence of hairballs (anti-hairball effect), as the dietary fibre in the food supports the excretion of swallowed hairs via the intestine. Plant fibres in the form of cellulose and lignocellulose are well received by cats.

Dietary fibre in cat food reduces weight

About 40 to 60% of all domestic cats worldwide are overweight. Excess weight means poorer quality of life and less life expectancy, because cats with a spare tyre take less pleasure in exercise and play. Just like people, overweight cats are also more susceptible to disease. They suffer more frequently from:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Bone and joint problems
  • And are at increased risk if they have to undergo an operation or general anaesthetic

Low in energy and filling

Overweight cats should not simply be given less to eat – this increases the risk of dietary deficiencies and can cause liver damage. It is much more effective and healthier to feed them fibre-rich food, as it has less energy, yet retains nutrient density. Thus it helps cats to lose weight. JELUCEL® and JELUVET® natural plant fibres are tasteless and do not contain any preservatives.

Dietary-fibre-rich food for cats with diabetes

Our dietary fibre increases the fibre content of cat food in a natural way. Fibre-rich food has positive effects on diabetes und helps to stabilise the blood glucose values of diabetic cats. The dietary fibre:

  • Delays adsorption of nutrients from the food
  • Slows down the blood sugar increase after food intake

These effects can make blood sugar control in cats with diabetes easier and can increase their quality of life.

Fibre-rich food for senior cats

Senior cats are less active and their energy requirement decreases. Moreover, their metabolism changes and the intestine becomes sluggish. Although our plant fibres reduce the energy content of food, the amount of nutrients remains the same, making fibre-rich cat food a suitable choice as senior food. It prevents constipation and weight increase, especially after castration. Older cats that are not overweight live a healthier life and have more vitality.

High level of quality
Test seals and certificates guarantee a high level of quality. We regularly carry out external and internal feed monitoring for undesirable substances in accordance with statutory regulations and provisions of the German QS scheme.

Natural plant fibres for healthy cats

JELUCEL® and JELUVET® are pure plant fibres that can be used to increase the dietary fibre content of cat food. For differences between the two products, see the following tables:

Properties of JELUCEL® and JELUVET®

Straight feeding stuff as per positive listStraight feeding stuff as per positive list
Powder and fibre: 30 – 2000 μmPowder and fine granulate
Moisture binding capacity: 1:4 – 1:11Moisture binding capacity: 1:6
Pure plant fibresPure plant fibres
Insoluble dietary fibreSoluble and insoluble dietary fibre
Suitable for allergic petsSuitable for allergic pets

Analysis of dietary fibre in feed

97% cellulose + hemicelluloses 62% cellulose + hemicelluloses
Weende feed analysis
72% crude fibre 65% / DM crude fibre
25.2% nitrogen‐free extract 27.1% nitrogen‐free extract
2.8% water 3.9% water
< 0.5% crude ash < 0.2% crude ash
< 0.5% crude protein 0.9% crude protein
< 1.0% total crude fat 0.4% total crude fat
Van Soest detergent analysis
97% NDF 85 % / DM NDF (hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin)
65 % / DM ADF (cellulose and lignin)
20 % / DM ADL (lignin)
DM = on dry matter base

We hope for your understanding

For legal reasons, we can supply our products only to companies and not to private individuals.

Our recommendation

For a fibre-rich diet, we recommend using 0.5-2 g/kg body mass of the animal per day.