Texturiser in ice cream: JELUCEL® plant fibres

Ice cream is a sweet treat for young and old alike. Its consistency and viscosity are key attributes for both consumers and manufacturers. To be able to meet the texture requirements, manufacturers are repeatedly formulating new recipes. A current study now shows that JELUCEL® plant fibres are suitable for use as a texturiser in ice cream. Compared with the other fibres examined in the study, they impress with their sensory properties.

Ice cream cones: symbolic picture for using plant fibres as a texturiser in ice cream

JELUCEL® plant fibres are suitable for use as a texturiser in ice cream
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Premixes for artisanal ice cream

This study examined the effect of different plant fibres on artisanal ice cream. The probiotic ice cream mix was frozen discontinuously using a batch freezer. The JELUCEL® plant fibres (wheat, oat and bamboo) were examined together with an apple and orange fibre, all of which can be added as dietary fibre. Our JELUCEL® WF wheat fibre scored with its texturising, sensory and prebiotic properties. The JELUCEL® BF bamboo fibre, however, is a good alternative because of its allergen-free nature.

Pure ice cream pleasure

The advantages of our JELUCEL® plant fibres become evident above all in the sensory evaluation. The big plus factor for the JELUCEL® plant fibres compared with apple and orange fibres is that they are neutral in taste and colour. The appearance and taste of the ice cream thus remain unchanged and are not affected in any way.

Structural enhancement

JELUCEL® contains a high proportion of insoluble fibres, ensuring that a lot of water is bound in the ice cream. This leads to better rheological properties of the ice cream mix and to improved ice cream texture, resulting in increased viscosity and consistency and an enhanced structure.

Creamy yet stable ice cream

A higher viscosity allows for more air to be dispersed in the ice cream, resulting in a creamier texture. The overrun also enhances the stability of ice cream enriched with JELUCEL® plant fibres. This has a positive effect on the melting behaviour: the ice cream melts at a slower rate, thus improving the mouthfeel.

Versatile plant fibres

We obtain our JELUCEL® plant fibres by purely mechanical procedures. The fibres can be used as dietary fibre and as an additive in the food industry. When used for fibre enrichment in foods, no declaration is required under EU law as a food additive. Please also consider the specific regulations for food approval and labelling in your country.

If you’re looking for a food additive, you can use our JELUCEL® PF cellulose. It is also suitable for use in ice cream. All JELUCEL® PF grades must be declared as cellulose powder (E 460ii) on the food label.

Our JELUCEL® products are characterised by the following qualities:

  • Chemically inert
  • Tasteless
  • Neutral in colour
  • Available as powder or fibre
  • Made from vegetable raw materials

For further information on the JELUCEL® product family, see our product pages.

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