11. October 2020

Sustainable food packaging

As part of her Design course at the Universität der Künste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts), student Amelie Graf has developed a sustainable packaging. What is ingenious about it is that the packaging is edible and thus itself becomes food! JELUCEL® cellulose powder was used as a raw material in this. The design student has now been nominated for the German Sustainability Award Design (DNP Design) with her edible food packaging, called the Meal Bag.

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5. August 2020

Cellulose powder – natural and functional

Cellulose powder from JELU is a popular additive used in food technology. JELUCEL PF® is characterised by manifold technological properties and fulfils numerous functions.

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10. July 2020

Cellulose manufacturer – quality made in Germany

JELU-WERK is a medium-sized business specializing in the manufacture of cellulose powder and cellulose. For our JELUCEL® cellulose, we use natural fibre extracts, and we refrain from using any chemical additives. As a German cellulose manufacturer with an international sales network, we supply companies all over the world.

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21. January 2020

Environmentally-friendly filtration of biodiesel

The automotive industry requires biodiesel with a low phosphorus content. This is because the phospholipids contained in crude oil may impair the effectiveness of catalytic converter systems. They may lead to pollutants and residues in tanks, filters, pistons, fuel injectors and valves. With JELUCEL®, the German company JELU-WERK offers an eco-friendly and economic filter cellulose for effective removal of phospholipids. This enables biodiesel manufacturers to meet the high demands set by the automotive industry.

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17. December 2019

Sportfreunde Rosenberg: JELU sponsors training shirts

JELU-WERK is sponsoring 50 new training shirts for Sportfreunde Rosenberg. The association’s football team was in need of new shirts and in its search for a new sponsor, the association approached JELU for the first time.

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11. December 2019

FIE 2019: JELU extremely satisfied with fair outcome

JELU-WERK exhibited its functional food fibres once again at this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) show in Paris from 3 to 5 December 2019.

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12. September 2019

Edible oil filtration: ecological and economical

Before an edible oil lands on supermarket shelves, it runs through several process steps to achieve the desired quality. Undesirable components such as suspended solid particles, water and waxes are filtered out of the oil. This is done using filter aids in precoat filtration. With JELUCEL®, JELU-WERK offers a renewable filter aid that has ecological and economic advantages for edible oil filtration.

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5. September 2019

Filtration von Speiseöl: ökologisch und ökonomisch

Bevor ein Speiseöl in den Supermarktregalen landet, durchläuft es diverse Prozessschritte, um die gewünschte Qualität zu erzielen. Unerwünschte Bestandteile wie Trubstoffe, Wasser und Wachse werden aus dem Öl herausgefiltert. Dabei kommen Filterhilfsmittel in der Anschwemmfiltration zum Einsatz. Mit JELUCEL® bietet das JELU-WERK ein nachwachsendes Filterhilfsmittel, das ökologische und ökonomische Vorteile für die Filtration von Speiseöl hat.

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15. July 2019

Fat replacer for foods: plant fibres

Fats are essential for a diet. But how much fat is good for human health? The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends a fat intake of 20-35 energy percent (E%) for adults. Fat intake in many Western countries, however, exceeds these recommendations. Since it is difficult for people to implement the diet recommendations in their daily life, using fat replacers in food processing for fat reduction is gaining in importance.

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25. June 2019

Crude fibre component low in phosphorus and nitrogen: lignocellulose

The substance flow balance of the new German Fertiliser Application Ordinance forces agricultural enterprises to set the phosphorus content of the feed accurately. Consequently, there is little room for variation in the phosphorus content. Different crude fibre sources can add different amounts of additional phosphorus to the ration. Lignocellulose, which is low in phosphorus, is especially suitable for use as a crude fibre component for a phosphorus-reduced feeding strategy.

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