Crude fibre source based on cellulose

Our natural cellulose under the brand name JELUCEL® hat a cellulose content of approx. 99.5% in dry substance. The benefits are:

  • absence of mycotoxins
  • excellent swelling and water-binding capacity
  • extremely high crude fibre content
  • manufacture from controlled resources
  • production certified according to ISO 9001 and HACCP

Energy-reduced pet food

In JELUCEL® we produce a crude fibre source that can be added to pet food as dietary fibre, thus increasing the crude fibre content and reducing the energy density in the food. With dry food, the high water-binding capacity of the cellulose ensures that the food swells in the stomach, leading to the animal being full for longer. Dog and cat foods of which the energy density was reduced by adding cellulose have proved their suitability for weight reduction and as senior food.

Crude fibre for healthier calves and piglets

Compared to common crude fibre sources, the proportion of crude fibre in JELUCEL® cellulose is constantly high. As a consequence, the recommended crude fibre content in the feed can be adjusted optimally and nutrient-independently.

Crude fibre supports the natural immunological defence of calves, boosting their resistance to diarrhoea and respiratory diseases. Even in piglets, cellulose can prevent diarrhoea after the weaning phase.

This results in stronger and healthier animals.

Depending on your requirements, powder or fibre qualities are available.

We hope for your understanding

For legal reasons, we can supply our products only to companies and not to private individuals.

JELUCEL® HM Product Types

Analysis of dietary fibre in feed

97 % cellulose + hemicelluloses
Weende feed analysis
72 % crude fibre
25,2 % nitrogen‐free extract
2,8 % water
< 0,5 % crude ash
< 0,5 % crude protein
< 1,0 % total crude fat
Van Soest detergent analysis
97 % NDF