Organic cat litter forms stable clumps

Our organic clumping litter COSYCAT® consists of natural plant fibres. The litter is easy for consumers to transport, use and dispose of.Organic cat litter for all cat types.

Our organic cat litter

  • clumps quickly and efficiently
  • is extremely absorbent
  • traps odours
  • is antibacterial
  • is especially economical
  • weighs little
  • is environmentally friendly
  • can be composted
  • can be disposed of with household refuse


Organic cat litter – from natural wood

Our cat litter is produced from natural wood using timber from sustainably managed forests. The product process is certified and the organic clumping litter bears the PEFC label.

Ecological cat litterWe manufacture it by reducing the wood to coarse chips, which are then ground down into very fine wood fibres. We process these into a fine granulate, thereby achieving a manifold increase in the natural water retention capacity of the wood. We sieve the granulate and remove the dust. The clumping litter consists of soft, virtually dust-free particles with a water retention capacity of over 700%.

COSYCAT® is not fragranced and has a pleasant smell of natural wood.

Easy yet economical to use

Use of the organic clumping litter is very consumer-friendly. No effort is required to fill a cat toilet with the lightweight fibres. When a cat uses the toilet, the grains of the top layer absorb the urine and thus the odour instantly. The natural plant fibres soak up the liquid in the minimum of time, preventing any from trickling down. Together with the urine, the fibres form stable clumps that can be removed with a litter scoop. Walnut-sized portions can be flushed down the toilet.

Only a few fibres are required to form a clump, making COSYCAT® an extremely economical litter. Following the removal of the clumps, plenty of clean litter remains that can simply be reused. The fibres that have no contact with the urine remain fresh and odour-free. Depending on the frequency of use of the cat toilet, the clumping litter can be used for up to several weeks. When the layer gradually thins out, it can just be topped up with some fresh cat litter. The cat toilet should be emptied completely every one to four weeks and the remaining cat litter disposed of as biodegradable waste or together with the household refuse. Then the cat toilet is cleaned and filled with fresh litter.

Easy to transport, easy to dispose of

The natural plant fibres weigh very little: around 7 litres of cat litter is sufficient to fill one cat toilet. Roughly 7 litres of our cat litter weigh approx. 3 kilos. For comparison purposes, the normal mineral cat litter required to fill the toilet weighs around 12 to 15 kilos.

Individual clumps of our cat litter up to the size of a walnut can be flushed down the toilet, while larger quantities can be disposed of in the organic waste bin or with the household refuse. Follow the recommendations of the local waste disposal contractor. In industrial composting facilities, the plant fibres produce suitably hygienic compost, while cat litter disposed of with household refuse provides incineration plants with reusable thermal heat from the wood fibres. Since our plant-based organic cat litter is very light, it weighs little even when disposed of.

You can find out more about the production and packaging of our organic cat litter on our product page COSYCAT®.