Natural cellulose for pet food

Crude fibre helps overweight cats and dogs to lose weight.
The natural cellulose under the brand name JELUCEL® augments the crude fibre content of pet food.

Our natural celluloses under the brand name JELUCEL® are pure natural fibres with a crude fibre content of 99.5% (dry matter). Our celluloses and our natural plant fibres JELUVET® are processed carefully and hygienically with our manufacturing process that is certified under the German Quality Scheme (QS). JELUCEL® and JELUVET® increase the dietary fibre content of pet food in a standardised way without adding any nutrients. Food having a low energy density and high fibre content is suitable for overweight and senior pets.

Depending on your requirements, powder or fibre qualities are available. Click on the links to learn more about Dietary fibre for overweight and diabetic dogs and Dietary fibre in cat food.

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For legal reasons, we can supply our products only to companies and not to private individuals.