Absorbent litter for small animals, rodents and cats

Our COSYPET® organic litter is a low-dust wood litter especially for small animals, rodents and cats. The litter absorbs liquids well and binds unpleasant odours. When combined with the absorbent COSYFLOCK® organic bedding, COSYPET® offers small animals and rodents a clean and comfortable home.

Natural plant fibres

The raw material that is used for our litter comes from certified sustainable forestry. The untreated wood fibres in COSYPET® are antibacterial by nature and have a natural smell of wood. Made from 100% natural resources, COSYPET® is an ecological litter that can be composted after use.

Litter properties

Verpackung von COSYPET® BIO-Unterstreu von JELU

COSYPET® is a very economical wood litter.

Our organic litter is:

  • extremely absorbent
  • odour-binding
  • antibacterial
  • highly economical
  • environmentally friendly
  • compostable


COSYPET® can be disposed of in the organic waste bin or with household refuse. Please observe the local waste-disposal recommendations and regulations in your country.

Our wood litter is a pure natural product made from selected wood. In order to ensure consistent quality, we regularly commission a laboratory to carry out external quality controls.


COSYPET® available online

You can buy our organic cat litter COSYCAT® on Amazon.