crude fibre from purely vegetal plant fibres

Crude fibre for profitable calf rearing – early development of a rumen plays a key role
The fine cellulose powder under the brand name JELUCEL® supports the natural immunological defence of calves, boosting their resistance to diarrhoea and respiratory diseases.

JELUCEL® is a natural plant fibre for healthy calf rearing. Our cellulose

  • has a positive effect on rumen development
  • increases feed intake
  • augments daily weight increase
  • supports immune defence and
  • reduces the amount of pharmaceuticals that needs to be used

Cellulose for calf rearing

The health of the calf and its early development of a rumen play a key role in profitable calf breeding. Our JELUCEL® cellulose supports the natural immunological defence of calves. This makes the animals more resistant to diarrhoea and respiratory diseases, and the amount of pharmaceuticals can be reduced.

Nutrient-independent crude fibre component

The crude fibre content of common crude fibre sources is between 30 and 50% of dry substance. JELUCEL® has a consistent cellulose content of about 95.5% of dry substance. Hence, our cellulose is a standardisable and nutrient-independent crude fibre component. It goes without saying that JELUCEL® is 100% free of mycotoxins.

JELUCEL® is added to liquid feed as early as possible. We recommend using 1% in the mixed liquid feed.
The natural JELUCEL® cellulose is suitable for all feeding systems and can be used in a versatile manner. It has optimal dispersion and flow properties. JELUCEL® is admixed through dosage systems or directly added to the milk or milk replacer. The concentrate can also be added to the TMR or concentrated feed.
JELUCEL® is manufactured from controlled pure raw materials using a HACCP-certified process and can be delivered in bags or as loose product. Own brands are possible.

Packaging sizes and fields of application

For more information about JELUCEL®, fields of application and packaging sizes see our product page JELUCEL® Crude Fibre.