Cellulose fibres: additive for mortar and renders

JELUCEL® Cellulosen werden eingesetzt, um die Viskosität von Mörtel und Putzsystemen zu verbessern.
JELUCEL® celluloses improve the viscosity of mortar and render systems.

JELUCEL® celluloses are used in building chemicals as additives and fillers for mortar and render systems to make them easier to work. The cellulose fibres and cellulose powder are used as a thickening agent to modify the viscosity of the mortar. The cellulose that is added has an effect on the rheology or flow characteristics of the construction material, resulting in a stiffer mortar that is easier to work, both by hand and mechanically. The improved viscosity enables render to be applied by machine, because its pumpability is increased. In addition, the coverage of the render increases and its thermal insulation and water retention properties are improved.

The following three properties of mortar and render systems can be positively modified and specifically adjusted with JELUCEL®:

  • Water retention
  • Consistency
  • Adhesion

Water retention

The higher the viscosity, the higher the water retention of the construction material. Mortar and render systems to which JELUCEL® is added dry more slowly and are thus workable for longer. Water retention is a necessary characteristic so that the construction material can cure and set before it dries out. The rheological properties and thus the working profile of the mortar and render system are also modified by the cellulose dissolved in the mortar.


The consistency is crucial for the workability of mortar and render systems. Our JELUCEL® celluloses ensure a homogeneous consistency, which is advantageous when applying thin layers of render in particular. They also prevent the tendency to slip.


When applied, mortar products must adhere well to the substrate. This applies not only to wet fresh mortar that has been applied to the substrate, but also to cured mortar. JELUCEL® significantly improves both the wet and dry adhesion characteristics of the construction materials.