Powdered cellulose, lignocellulose and wood fibres – the full force of nature

We process natural fibres to obtain our powdered cellulose, lignocellulose and wood fibres using purely mechanical procedures. Our products are used in the food industry, in animal breeding and animal production and in technical applications. The raw materials are obtained from cereals, bamboo and wood.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we concentrate the force of nature in our products:

WPC granulate

Powdered cellulose: dietary fibre concentrate and additive

Our JELUCEL® cellulose is used as a dietary fibre concentrate and as an additive in food technology. The JELUCEL® product range optimises the manufacture and the product properties of foodstuffs such as bread and baked goods, meat and meat products, cheese products, pasta and noodles, spices, dietetic food, confectionery and frozen products. The powdered cellulose is manufactured from pure plant fibres.

Our JELUCEL® plant fibres are used as a dietary fibre concentrate. They increase the fibre content of foods and consist of bamboo fibres (JELUCEL® BF), wheat fibres (JELUCEL® WF) or oat fibres (JELUCEL® OF). Our powdered cellulose JELUCEL® PF can be used as a food additive in a versatile manner.

Feed supplement and animal bedding

Our JELUVET® lignocellulose and JELUCEL® cellulose are used in animal production as a feed supplement and in pet food to manufacture dietetic food. In addition, we process selected wood to produce animal bedding and litter for different purposes. The raw material for our bedding and litter is obtained 100% from nature.

Technical applications

In technical applications, our functional JELUCEL® cellulose and JELUXYL® wood fibres serve as additives and fillers. They are used in building chemicals, floor coverings, filter aids, plastics, cardboards, cleaning products, welding electrodes, wall decorations and seed pilling, where they furnish the end product with the desired properties.

Combined with plastics, our wood fibres serve as a composite material to produce wood plastic composite.