High-fibre food for overweight dogs and dogs with diabetes

Crude fibre for overweight dogs and dogs with diabetes

The natural cellulose under the brand name JELUCEL® improves the health of overweight and diabetic dogs.

High-fibre dog food is suitable for overweight dogs whose owners wish them to lose weight through the use of energy-reduced food and increased exercise. High-fibre food can improve control of blood sugar level in dogs with diabetes and thus improve their quality of life.

JELUCEL® in dietetic food for overweight dogs

It is estimated that around half of domestic dogs are overweight. Dogs carrying excess pounds take less pleasure in exercise and are lethargic, reducing both quality of life and life expectancy. Just like overweight people, overweight dogs are at greater risk of health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, metabolic disorders and bone and joint problems.

Low-calorie food

To lose weight, overweight dogs need more exercise and energy-reduced food. Dietetic dog foods need to contain the full range of essential nutrients while having a lower energy content. High-fibre dietetic foods are higher in crude fibre and lower in fat. Cellulose, also called feed cellulose or powdered cellulose, is ideal for increasing the amount of fibre in dog food.

Crude fibre for reduced-energy dog food

Depending on context and the analytical methods used, cellulose may be described as crude fibre, dietary fibre or insoluble fibre. The natural JELUCEL® cellulose is added to standard dog food to increase fibre content. To decrease the energy density of dietetic foods and support weight reduction, the proportion of JELUCEL® in wet or dry food can be up to 10-15%. Cellulose increases dietary fibre content and is ideal for dietetic foods. JELUCEL® is neutral in taste, consists of natural plant fibres and does not contain any preservatives.

Improved faecal quality

Feeding your pet with long-fibre cellulose has an additional positive effect on faeces consistency. A feed containing 5 to 7% cellulose enhances faecal quality. As a result, the faeces are soft yet properly formed.

High-fibre food for dogs with diabetes

Foods for dogs with diabetes contain a moderate amount of soluble and insoluble fibre. High-fibre food

  • slows down stomach emptying
  • delays adsorption of nutrients from the food
  • can improve control of blood sugar levels in diabetic dogs

The natural JELUCEL® cellulose increases the amount of fibre in dog food and improves the quality of life of dogs with diabetes.

JELUCEL® consists of:

97% NDF
(Van Soest detergent analysis)