Lignocellulose: optimal crude fibre for feeding sows

Crude fibres have a positive impact on the animal welfare of breeding sows. The solubility and fermentability of the fibres are essential for this effect to take place. Insoluble and non-fermentable crude fibres such as our JELUVET® lignocellulose improve the sow’s well-being. But that’s not all! A field trial conducted in Brazil shows that our JELUVET® lignocellulose also has a positive influence on piglet breeding.

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Lignocellulose: a nutrient-independent feed supplement

Lignocellulose is a natural feed supplement which increases the crude fibre content of animal food. The crude fibre content of food is an important factor in pet health. Although the food formulation specifies how high the optimal content should be, studies show repeatedly that the crude fibre ration of animals is insufficient. Lignocellulose has a constant high crude fibre content. Therefore, our JELUVET® lignocellulose makes it possible to feed an optimal, standardised crude fibre portion.

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