Lignocellulose: a nutrient-independent feed supplement

Lignocellulose is a natural feed supplement which increases the crude fibre content of animal food. The crude fibre content of food is an important factor in pet health. Although the food formulation specifies how high the optimal content should be, studies show repeatedly that the crude fibre ration of animals is insufficient. One reason for this is the varying crude fibre content of conventional crude fibre sources such as oats, straw and sugar beet pulp. Lignocellulose, in contrast, has a constant high crude fibre content. Therefore, our JELUVET® lignocellulose makes it possible to feed an optimal, standardised crude fibre portion.

Lignocellulose and cellulose as crude fibre sources

Lignocellulose has a positive effect on faeces consistency in poultry and avoids feather plucking.

Lignocellulose in poultry production improves faeces consistency and avoids feather plucking.

JELUVET® is a 100 % natural product. Its main constituents are lignin and cellulose. The lignin and cellulose are present in natural form in the same way that they occur in plant cell walls. These fine lignocellulose fibres are suitable for feeding to livestock such as pigs, horses, poultry and rabbits.
JELUCEL® is a natural cellulose that is isolated from lignocellulose. The pure cellulose accordingly has a high crude fibre content. JELUCEL® is added to food for calf rearing and to pet food as crude fibres.

Our lignocellulose and cellulose offer a number of advantages:

  • free of mycotoxins
  • no gel formation
  • made from natural raw materials
  • excellent swelling and water-binding capacity
  • no undesirable minerals
  • easily mixed in
  • high crude fibre content
  • nutrient-independent
  • standardisable
  • certified under the German Quality Scheme (QS)

Excellent swelling capacity without gel formation

In contrast to classic crude fibre sources, our lignocellulose has an excellent swelling capacity. With more than 500 %, the water-binding capacity is much higher than for sugar beet pulp with 370 %. However, our lignocellulose does not show any tendency to gel formation. The nutrients contained in the food are not enclosed by a gel-like structure, an attribute that has a positive effect on digestion and faeces consistency for most animals.

Constant high crude fibre content

JELUCEL® promotes rumen development in calves

A high crude fibre content promotes rumen development in calves.
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JELUVET® and JELUCEL® are two crude fibre sources that have a constant high crude fibre content. The crude fibre content of JELUVET® lignocellulose is 70 % in dry matter. JELUCEL® contains 95.5 % Cellulose in dry matter. Conventional crude fibre sources normally only have a content of between 30 and 50 % of dry matter. However, the constant high crude fibre content of our lignocellulose and cellulose permits simple, standardised crude fibre dosage for both food manufacturers and breeders. Neither natural product contains undesirable minerals, which have to be taken into account in the food composition. The crude fibre content can thus be optimally adjusted. Moreover, food formulation recommendations can be met using small quantities.

Lignocellulose has a positive impact

Many conventional crude fibre sources are contaminated by mould toxins, which have an adverse effect on animal health. By contrast, our JELUVET® lignocellulose is entirely free of mycotoxins. This is also true for our JELUCEL® cellulose. They can be added to the food ration without incurring any risk, as no germs are introduced. JELUVET® and JELUCEL® have a positive effect on digestion and on the natural immunological defence of the livestock.

Lignocellulose helps to strengthen the immune defence and the resistance to diarrhoea.

Lignocellulose strengthens the resistance of piglets to diet-related diarrhoea in the weaning phase.
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Lignocellulose for pig production

Our JELUVET® lignocellulose ensures a higher crude fibre content in the food ration of breeding sows. Crude fibre accelerates the intestinal passage and prevents constipation, lowering the risk of MMA in pregnant sows. Piglets benefit from JELUVET®, as lignocellulose strengthens the immune system and guards against diet-related diarrhoea in the weaning phase. The water-binding capacity of our lignocellulose improves faeces consistency and generally ensures better stall hygiene in pig production.

Fibre-rich food for poultry

Lignocellulose can be added to horse food to reduce the energy content.

Lignocellulose reduces the energy content of horse food.
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A higher crude fibre content of the food improves nutrient uptake and can reduce behavioural disorders such as feather plucking. Our JELUVET® lignocellulose improves faeces consistency and thus the stall climate also, as the faeces dry faster. This promotes animal welfare and results in calmer birds.

Energy-reduced food for horses

Food containing starch and sugar, along with a lack of exercise, are common reasons for obesity in horses. JELUVET® lignocellulose reduces the energy content of the food, which together with suitable exercise can lead to a reduction in weight. The risk of developing diet-related diseases such as insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome and laminitis is also reduced.

Cellulose promotes rumen development in calves

Adding JELUCEL® in calf rearing promotes rumen development and augments their daily weight gain. The immune defence of the animals is strengthened, reducing the amount of pharmaceuticals that needs to be used. Just small amounts added to liquid feed or concentrated feed are enough to achieve higher weight gains.

Natural feed supplement for rabbits

JELUVET® adds crude fibre to rabbit food.

Fibre-enriched rabbit food accelerates intestinal passage and prevents diarrhoea.
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JELUVET® lignocellulose is a natural feed supplement for rabbits. Small quantities are sufficient to accelerate intestinal passage and reduce the proliferation time for harmful micro-organisms. This cuts the risk of diarrhoea for better fattening results. The risk of urolithiasis is also reduced, as JELUVET® does not introduce additional calcium into the food.

Energy-reduced food for dogs and cats

Many dogs and cats kept as pets suffer from obesity and diabetes. JELUCEL® increases the crude fibre content of the food and reduces its energy density. The pets consume fewer calories and can lose weight with the appropriate exercise. In addition, the natural cellulose can improve blood sugar levels, enhancing the quality of life and life expectancy of pets suffering from diabetes.

Energy-reduced pet food can help cats and dogs to improve their blood sugar levels and lose weight.

JELUCEL® helps to fight obesity and diabetes in cats and dogs.
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You’ll find further information on our lignocellulose and cellulose for animal feed and pet food on our product and application pages under the heading Pets and Livestock.

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