Clumping cat litter as private label product

Eco-friendly clumping cat litter for all types of cats

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COSYCAT® is an eco-friendly clumping cat litter based on untreated wood fibres. It is unscented and does not contain any additives. By offering COSYCAT® as a private label product, retailers can set themselves apart from the competition. You receive an eco-friendly cat litter product that is 100% natural and has many advantages for cats, humans and the environment.

Environmentally-friendly clumping litter

Our eco-friendly cat litter is good for the environment because we manufacture it exclusively from renewable resources. We grind the untreated wood into fine wood fibres, which are then granulated. Afterwards we sieve the granulate and remove the dust. As a result, the soft and virtually dust-free particles have a water absorption capacity of over 700%. Since the timber used originates from sustainable forestry, our cat litter bears the PEFC label. In addition, the manufacturing process is certified under the German Quality Scheme (QS).

The cat litter can be disposed of in the organic waste bin or with household refuse. Please observe the local regulations for disposal. In industrial composting facilities, the cat litter produces hygienically safe compost; when burnt in incineration plants, the wood fibres produce thermal heat.

Various types of packaging

We supply our ecological clumping litter as a private label product in different packaging: PE sack, paper bag or big bag. Cat litter supplied in PE sacks can be stored outside for longer periods without becoming damp. Want to pack the cat litter yourself? In that case we supply our clumping cat litter in big bags.

For further information on our cat litter as a private label product, please see our COSYCAT® product page.

Arguments in favour of humans and animals

COSYCAT® is a fast clumping cat litter that absorbs liquids very well. When handling the clumping litter, almost no dust is stirred up, which is good for the respiratory tract of humans and animals. Our eco-friendly cat litter has a pleasant smell of wood and does not need any fragrance. It has the following qualities:

  • Virtually dust-free
  • Fast odour-binding
  • Highly absorbent
  • Robust clumps
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Economical in use
  • Low weight

Consumer-friendly clumping cat litter

The eco-friendly clumping litter is easy and economical to use. Since the fibres weigh very little, no effort is needed to fill the cat toilet with litter. The grains of the top layer absorb the cat’s urine and thus the odour in the minimum of time, preventing any from trickling down. Together with the urine, the natural plant fibres form stable clumps that can be removed with a litter scoop. Walnut-sized portions can be flushed down the toilet.

COSYCAT® is extremely economical because only a few fibres are required to form a clump. Following the removal of the clumps, plenty of clean litter remains. Fibres that have not come into contact with the urine can still be used because they remain fresh and odour-free. The clumping litter can be used for up to several weeks. When the layer gradually thins out, it can just be topped up with new cat litter. The cat toilet should be emptied completely every one to four weeks and filled with fresh litter.

Since COSYCAT® is two to three times lighter than mineral cat litter, it is easy to transport. For further details on weight and transport, please see our Cat Litter application page.