A dietary fibre concentrate with special qualities

JELUCEL WF dietary fibre concentrate from the German company JELU is already being used successfully in numerous products worldwide. One quality in particular is now gaining in importance – JELUCEL WF binds water without forming a gel. JELUCEL WF’s chemical and physical properties thus mark it out from additives such as cellulose derivates and alginates.

As a dry substance, JELUCEL WF contains about 98 per cent dietary fibres, the majority of which are insoluble. Most cellulose derivates are soluble dietary fibres. Just like starch, alginates and pectins, they are often used as hydrocolloids: they are dispersed in water as colloids and have a high gel-forming capacity. JELUCEL WF, in contrast, binds water up to 1,200 per cent without gelling. Therefore it can also be used for fibre enrichment in products such as slimming drinks, in which gelling is not desired.

Due to its neutral taste and chemical inertness, JELUCEL WF is ideal for use in the food industry. The off-white dietary fibre concentrate is obtained from wheat plants mainly by mechanical means. It is available in powder and fibre form in fibre lengths from 30 to 100 micrometers. JELUCEL WF can be labelled as dietary fibre or wheat fibre, depending on the application. Usage and labelling depend on the end product’s composition and market positioning. Product- and country-specific regulations must also be taken into account in individual cases.

Food which has been processed with JELUCEL WF can, depending on the remaining composition of the product, be labelled as rich in dietary fibres, gluten-free and calorie-reduced. JELUCEL WF is usually added to food to enrich the dietary fibre content. Its technological properties also offer benefits for food technology. It is used in the manufacture of bread and baked goods, waffles, meat and meat products, cheese, pasta, fillings, spices, slimming products and convenience foods.

For more information on the application of plant fibres in food technology, see JELUCEL Plant Fibres.

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Press release 9/2009