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JELUCEL Wheat fibres

JELUCEL Wheat fibres

JELUCEL® WF from wheat fibres has a dietary fibre content of 98 per cent. It increases the fibre content of many foods – from cereals, meat and meat products to dairy products and confectionery. The wheat fibres also improves the texture, for instance. JELUCEL® WF is available in powder and fibre forms (sieve parameter between 30 and 2000 µm).

Properties and effect

Depending on product type and field of application:

  • Tasteless
  • Increases dietary fibre content
  • Ensures easier processing
  • Improves texture, structure and stability
  • Ensures moisture control through water retention
  • Reduces calorie content


  • WF 30: fine wheat fibres powder
  • WF 75: fine wheat fibres powder
  • WF 90: fine wheat fibres powder
  • WF 150: fine wheat fibres
  • WF 200: fine wheat fibres
  • WF 300: fine wheat fibres
  • WF 400X: coarse wheat fibres
  • WF 1000X: coarse wheat fibres
  • WF 1500X: coarse wheat fibres
  • WF 2000: coarse wheat fibres