WPC granulate: A new and innovative composite

A beauty case was manufactured from JELU WPC granulate using injection moulding.
The beauty case shown in the picture was manufactured from JELU WPC granulate using injection moulding. To enlarge the picture, please click on it.

During elaborate test series, the JELU team has developed a proprietary method for manufacturing the novel material wood plastic composite (WPC). We use specifically-adapted machines to meet the challenges of the new material.

The customer determines the mixing ratio

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we process wood and plastics such as polypropylene as well as additives in different proportions. Thus WPC granulate is manufactured, which can be processed using thermoplastic forming techniques such as extrusion and injection moulding. The granulate’s composition makes different demands on the processing machines. Our technicians have many years of experience in processing WPC and will be glad to help you with advice.

New fields of application

WPC is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. WPC has been used so far to manufacture many products such as decking, skirting boards, floor tiles, coverings, window frames and noise protection walls. The possibilities of the new material, however, have not yet been fully exhausted.

For further information: www.jeluplast.com

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More about WPC

To learn more about our WPC granulate and our wood flours for wood plastic composite, see our new website www.jeluplast.com

There you will also find information about processing wood plastic composite as well as pictures of products manufactured with extrusion and injection moulding techniques using WPC granulate from JELU.