Sportfreunde Rosenberg: JELU sponsors training shirts

JELU-WERK is sponsoring 50 new training shirts for Sportfreunde Rosenberg. The association’s football team was in need of new shirts and in its search for a new sponsor, the association approached JELU for the first time. JELU-WERK is a company with a long tradition in the municipality of Rosenberg, having been based there for over 100 years. So it didn’t take long for it to decide to become involved in the association and the region. JELU-WERK is happy to be able to support the region and sport, and we wish the football team every success!

JELU sponsort neues Shirt für Sportfreunde Rosenberg

The football team of Sportfreunde Rosenberg with new training shirts
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Training shirt of Sportfreunde Rosenberg showing JELU logo

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Sportfreunde Rosenberg - front of the football team's training shirt

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