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JELUXYL Hardwood fibres

Fibres from hardwood

JELUXYL® HAHO, which belongs to the functional wood fibre materials, consists exclusively of hardwood. Hardwood grows more slowly than softwood and is thus denser and stronger. Application areas of JELUXYL® HAHO are building chemicals, floor coverings, wood plastic composites, plastics, cardboard, seed pilling or welding electrodes.

Properties and effect

Depending on product type and field of application:

  • Serves as additive and filler
  • Facilitates processing
  • Increases product quality
  • Is optimal for compounds
  • Improves water absorbency, retention and release


  • HAHO 120f: light brown powder
  • HAHO 150/30: light brown powder
  • HAHO 50/80: light brown fibres