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JELUPLAST Injection Molding Compounds

Wood plastic composites– injection moulding

JELUPLAST® WPC for injection moulding constitutes premixed compounds with a very high wood fibre content (50% to 60%). Only fibres from selected woods with uniquely defined properties are used. The compounds are suitable for toys, furniture, packaging, food packaging, office products, technical components, manholes, cases, fans, advertising products, handles, brushes and many more applications. The PP granulates are available in different grades.

Properties and effect

  • Free from PVC, chlorine, formaldehyde, phenol
  • No plasticisers
  • Durable
  • Resilient
  • Water-resistant


  • WPC-PP-H50-500-14, medium wood fibre size
  • WPC-PP-H50-800-14, bigger wood fibres
  • WPC-PP-H60-500-14, increased stiffness
  • WPC-PP-H50-500-14 KSI, moderate stiffness
  • WPC-PP-H50-500-14 KSJ, medium wood fibre size
  • WPC-BIO-PLA-H50-500-14, industrially compostable and for single-use applications
  • WPC-PP-H50-500-14 R, recycled PP, moderate stiffness
  • WPC-PP-H60-500-14 R, recycled PP, increased stiffness
  • WPC-TPP-H50-500-14, increased impact strength with elastomer