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JELUCEL Plant fibres

JELUCEL Food Processing aid – Powder cellulose from plant fibres

JELUCEL® PF cellulose powder has a dietary fibre content of 99 per cent and is made from renewable plants. JELUCEL® PF can be used in food production in a highly versatile manner – as dietary fibre, texturiser, humectant and in many other capacities. Depending on its area of use and application, JELUCEL® PF is available in different grades and pack sizes.

Properties and effect

Depending on product type and field of application:

  • Tasteless
  • Neutral in colour
  • Made from vegetable raw materials
  • Anti-caking and anti-sticking agent
  • Dietary fibre
  • Carrier substance for other additives
  • Improves texture, structure and stability
  • Ensures moisture control through water retention


  • PF 30: white powder
  • PF 75: white powder
  • PF 90: white powder
  • PF 150: white powder
  • PF 200: white powder
  • PF 300: white powder
  • PF 400X: coarse cellulose fibres
  • PF 1000X: coarse cellulose fibres
  • PF 1500X: coarse cellulose fibres
  • PF 2000: coarse cellulose fibres