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JELU Feed Fibers JELUCEL – Pet Food fibres (HM)

Crude fibres

JELUCEL® increases the dietary fibre content of pet food in a standardised way without adding any nutrients. Compared to common crude fibre sources, the proportion of crude fibre in JELUCEL® HM cellulose is constantly high. As a consequence, the recommended crude fibre content in the feed can be adjusted optimally and nutrient-independently.

Properties and effect

Depending on product type and field of application:

  • Nutrient neutral
  • free from mycotoxins
  • very high crude fibre content
  • has a positive effect on animal health and production
  • high swelling capacity and water absorption
  • suitable for weight reduction and as senior food


  • HM 30: white powder
  • HM 75: white powder
  • HM 90: white powder
  • HM 150: white powder
  • HM 200: white powder
  • HM 300: white powder
  • HM 400X: white fibres
  • HM 1000X: white fibres
  • HM 1500 X: white fibres
  • HM 2000: white fibres