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JELUCEL Bamboo fibres

JELUCEL Bamboo fibres

JELUCEL® BF is a range of bamboo fibres that are obtained from bamboo. They are used in the production of various foods – from dairy products to cereals. The bamboo fibers increases the dietary fibre content of foods without affecting their taste. It also improves the manufacturing process and the consistency of the products.

Properties and effect

Depending on product type and field of application:

  • Tasteless
  • Increases dietary fibre content
  • Reduces calorie content
  • Ensures easier processing
  • Improves texture, structure and stability
  • Ensures moisture control through water retention


  • BF 30: fine bamboo fibres powder
  • BF 75: fine bamboo fibres powder
  • BF 90: fine bamboo fibres powder
  • BF 150: fine bamboo fibres
  • BF 200: fine bamboo fibres
  • BF 300: fine bamboo fibres
  • BF 400X: coarse bamboo fibres
  • BF 1000X: coarse bamboo fibres
  • BF 1500X: coarse bamboo fibres
  • BF 2000: coarse bamboo fibres