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HM – Technical Fibres

Functional cellulose fibres

JELUCEL® HM is a functional cellulose. The pure white cellulose powders and fibres are manufactured from pulp. They are used in technical applications to improve the properties of products. Application areas of JELUCEL® HM are building chemicals, floor coverings, filter aids, plastics, cleaning agents and many more.

Properties and effect

Depending on product type and field of application:

  • Fixed particle size
  • Pure-grade
  • Defined mechanical properties
  • Defined physical properties


  • HM 30: white powder
  • HM 75: white powder
  • HM 90: white powder
  • HM 150: white powder
  • HM 150-T1: powder with increased whiteness
  • HM 200: white powder
  • HM 300: white powder
  • HM 400X: white fibres
  • HM 1000X: white fibres
  • HM 1500X: white fibres
  • HM 2000: white fibres