JELU WPC granulate proves its suitability for injection moulding

Comprehensive tests have proven the suitability of JELU WPC granulate for injection moulding. JELU, based in Germany, previously developed a process for manufacturing WPC granulate. The company processes wood fibres, polypropylene and additives into high-quality, homogenous WPC mixes using its own specially designed machines.

The WPC granulate has already proven its suitability for panel pressing and extrusion techniques. With further tests, the company was now able to ensure that its WPC granulate can also be metered without difficulty in injection-moulding processes and that it is able to fully fill the injection moulds. The tests were performed using conventional injection-moulding machines for plastics. Hardened and corrosion-protected screws prevent the screw surface from abrasive wear.

The properties of the end product are determined by the quality and type of the ingredients. They can be customised by means of filler concentration and additives according to the application field:

  • melting point
  • viscosity
  • tensile and flexural strength
  • impact strength
  • elongation at break
  • colour
  • weather resistance
  • insect resistance

JELU produces standard compounds and customised WPC granulates with different filler concentrations and alternating additives according to the customers’ needs. WPC granulates based on polyethylene and other plastics can also be provided. Besides WPC compounds, JELU also offers its customers pure-grade wood flours for use in producing their own homogenous compound.

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Press release 6/2010