Environmentally-friendly filtration of biodiesel

The automotive industry requires biodiesel with a low phosphorus content. This is because the phospholipids contained in crude oil may impair the effectiveness of catalytic converter systems. They may lead to pollutants and residues in tanks, filters, pistons, fuel injectors and valves. With JELUCEL®, the German company JELU-WERK offers an eco-friendly and economic filter cellulose for effective removal of phospholipids. This enables biodiesel manufacturers to meet the high demands set by the automotive industry.

Filtration of biodiesel with JELUCEL® filter cellulose

Environmentally-friendly and economic filtration of biodiesel
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The JELUCEL® filter cellulose is manufactured from plant fibres without using any chemical additives. Actually, it is a lignocellulose. The filter aid is used in precoat filtration to remove undesirable substances from the crude oil. JELUCEL® can reliably filter precipitated phospholipids, other mucilage and soaps from the oil. If the oil is degummed with a centrifuge, the JELUCEL® filter aid can be used to additionally clean the oil afterwards. This filters out the substances that haven’t been separated and removed during centrifuging.

Ecological filter aid

JELUCEL® is a renewable natural product that is eco-friendly during manufacture and disposal. The JELUCEL® filter cellulose is 100% biodegradable. Filter cakes containing organic lignocellulose can be disposed of without any harm to the environment and at low cost due to their low ash content. They can be composted or used thermally by being burned.

Cost-effective filtration

The positive properties of the JELUCEL® filter cellulose allow it to be used economically. Compared to mineral filter aids, considerably lower quantities are needed because JELUCEL® has a lower wet cake density. Moreover, product losses are reduced due to the high permeability of the filter aid. JELUCEL® also scores well with regard to service and maintenance costs, because the filter cellulose is non-abrasive.

High filter capacity, long service life

The fibrous structure of the filter cellulose allows high permeability and absorption capacity. The unfiltrate is filtered not only by the filter cake’s porosity, but also by the fibres themselves. Thus, solids are well trapped and the filter cake doesn’t clog so quickly. Furthermore, the JELUCEL® filter cellulose is kind to production facilities and the environment. All this leads to a positive cost balance.

Customisable to individual applications

JELU-WERK offers a broad range of different types of JELUCEL® filter aids for oil filtration. This ensures that the filtration process is customised to the unfiltrate and to the filtration systems. JELUCEL® filter aids are available in different fibre lengths and thus with customised permeability characteristics. Besides filter cellulose for biodiesel and edible oils, the company also offers filter aids for cosmetic oils and rolling and cutting oils.

Advantages at a glance
JELUCEL® filter cellulose has the following advantages for biodiesel filtration:

  • Sustainable
  • Compostable
  • Cost-efficient disposal
  • Low ash content
  • pH-stable in the range pH 6 to 11
  • Approved as feed additive
  • Non-abrasive
  • Powerful

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