Crude fibres increase pig breeding productivity

JELUVET® is a raw fibre concentrate that allows nutrient-independent dosing of crude fibre in pig breeding. Pigs need to be fed sufficient roughage (insoluble fibre) in order to maintain a healthy digestive system. Traditional insoluble fibre sources such as cereals and wheat bran do not guarantee a consistently high content of crude fibres and can be contaminated with harmful mycotoxins. JELUVET® lignocellulose provides a consistent composition with a high crude fibre content and low calorific value.

Healthy intestine – healthy animals

The intestine is one of the most sensitive systems in sows and piglets. A digestive tract that does not work properly impairs health and reduces performance. Breeding sows often suffer from constipation, particularly in critical production phases such as during piglet delivery or lactation. Constipation favours the emergence of pathogens and diseases such as the feared MMA. Feed management is of crucial importance when it comes to maintaining pig health and obtaining consistent breeding results. A feed which is rich in crude fibre supports gut peristalsis, reduces constipation and accelerates intestinal passage and thus excretion of detrimental metabolic products. JELUVET® raw fibre concentrate ameliorates intestinal health and improves faecal quality. A healthy gut strengthens the immune system and prevents performance losses. High crude fibre feeds are especially recommended for breeding sows around the time of piglet delivery to reduce constipation and thus the risk of MMA. Breeding sows also benefit from feed with a sufficiently high crude fibre content during gestation, as fattened sows have an increased rate of delayed birth and constipation JELUVET® is very low in calories and has a very high swelling capacity, resulting in longer lasting satiety. JELUVET® stimulates growth of the intestinal villi and prevents diarrhoea during the weaning phase in piglets. This helps promote healthy and efficient development as well as muscle and connective tissue formation.

Crude fibres in their natural state

JELUVET® facilitates efficient feed management for pigs and piglets. It allows for a balanced intake of calories and crude fibre. Effective feed management with a consistent crude fibre content improves the health of pigs and piglets and results in increased productivity and efficiency. JELUVET® allows nutrient-independent dosing; we recommend a ratio of between 1 and 3 per cent. JELUVET® raw fibre concentrate consists of natural lignocellulose that is exclusively obtained from renewable plants. JELUVET® is nutrient-independent, free of minerals, rich in fibre and 100% mycotoxin free.

For more information on raw fibre concentrates for pig breeding, see our application page about Feed supplement for pigs.

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Press release 4/2011