Cellulose powder – natural and functional

Cellulose powder from JELU is a popular additive used in food technology. JELUCEL PF® is characterised by manifold technological properties and fulfils numerous functions:

JELUCEL PF® is added to foodstuffs to improve their processing, manufacture, preparation and storage. Our cellulose powder is neutral in taste and odour and chemically inert, and it doesn’t affect the colour or sensory properties of the food.

Arrangement of diverse foods on a table: image symbolising cellulose powder as food additive

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Additive with multiple functions

JELUCEL PF® cellulose powder binds high amounts of water, and is thus suitable as a humectant for bread and baked goods. As a result, the products remain fresh for longer and have an extended shelf life. In the case of convenience foods such as meatballs and burgers, this property ensures that they retain their succulence. In addition, cellulose can increase product yield and reduce fat content. In spices and grated cheese, our plant-based cellulose prevents the products from forming clumps. And in dairy products it improves mouthfeel.

A substance originating from nature

With a share of about 50%, cellulose is the main component of plant cell walls. JELUCEL® cellulose powder is obtained from plant fibres without chemical additives. This means that we use exclusively mechanical processes during manufacture. The raw material consists of fibre extracts, which we clean, grind and sieve.

White cellulose powder

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Labelling cellulose powder

JELUCEL® cellulose powder is approved as an additive for most foods across the European Union with no quantity limitations. On food labels, cellulose has to be designated by the term cellulose powder or E 460ii and the functional class (e.g. stabiliser or bulking agent). Please observe the approval and labelling regulations of your country.

Main application areas of JELUCEL® PF:

Cellulose powder as valuable dietary fibre

The JELUCEL® product range is interesting for the food industry not only for its technological properties; our JELUCEL® plant fibres also possess nutritional characteristics. The plant fibres have a fibre content of about 98%. They are eminently suitable for enriching foods with dietary fibre, but they can also be used to reduce the calorie content. The plant fibres are manufactured from wheat, oats and bamboo. They are available in different fibre lengths and also as a powder. We offer the following grades:

Fibre claim

A claim in compliance with the EU Health Claims Regulation is permitted starting from 3 grams dietary fibre per 100 grams of food. Using our JELUCEL® plant fibres, it is possible to increase the overall fibre content of many foods to 3%, while reducing the calorie content.

JELUCEL® can also be claimed as fibre in the USA, because the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines cellulose as a dietary fibre. This definition requires that the substance has a proven health-promoting effect. The positive effect of cellulose is proven by studies.

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