Cellulose manufacturer – quality made in Germany

JELU-WERK is a medium-sized business specializing in the manufacture of cellulose powder and cellulose. For our JELUCEL® cellulose, we use natural fibre extracts, and we refrain from using any chemical additives. As a German cellulose manufacturer with an international sales network, we supply companies all over the world.

White powder with JELUCEL® logo from the cellulose manufacturer JELU-WERK

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Cellulose – a versatile material

The JELUCEL® product family can be used for a variety of applications. We supply numerous companies from widely different industries:

Depending on the field in which it is used, our cellulose fulfils different functions.

Purely natural food additive

Our JELUCEL® cellulose is approved for foodstuffs and is available as cellulose powder or fibre. It optimizes the manufacturing process and improves the product properties. By using JELUCEL®, you can optimize the texture of food, increase the product volume or prevent powdered foodstuffs from clumping. Our purely natural cellulose is used in:

JELUCEL® is tasteless, colourless and chemically inert. In addition, our cellulose is manufactured exclusively from vegetable raw materials. These properties and characteristics make it an ideal additive for food technology.

Greater health and well-being for animals

Pets and livestock also benefit from our JELUCEL® cellulose. Since JELUCEL® has a cellulose content of 99.5% in dry substance, it is suitable as a crude fibre source for feed and as a dietary fibre for pet food. By adding JELUCEL®, the energy content of pet food can be reduced and the well-being of overweight pets can be improved.

A high crude fibre content is important for healthy calves because it supports the natural immune system of the animals. They become more resistant to diarrhoea and respiratory diseases. By adding JELUCEL® to the feed, the recommended crude fibre content can be adjusted optimally and nutrient-independently. In piglets, too, cellulose can prevent diarrhoea after the weaning phase.

Technical products with better properties

In the technical field, JELUCEL® is used as a functional cellulose. Our cellulose is a natural material that ensures the production of high-quality technical products. It is used in floor coverings, filter aids, plastics, cleaning products, seed pilling, welding electrodes, in wall decorations and many other applications. In render and mortar systems, JELUCEL® improves the consistency, water retention and adhesion properties of building materials, resulting in better workability.

Aerial photo of JELU-WERK

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Cellulose manufacturer with high quality standards

We are a family-run business that has been manufacturing quality products in South Germany for more than 100 years. It all started in 1908 with a grain mill, which we complemented with a timber mill in the 1950s. This action secured the continued existence of the business when grain mills became uneconomic due to industrial grain processing. In 1986, we began to produce cellulose, and since then our enterprise has been continually growing. JELU-WERK has an international reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality cellulose.

Numerous certificates

As a company with a long tradition, product quality and hygiene are important to us because JELUCEL® is used in many foodstuffs. Our commitment to quality was demonstrated back in the early 1990s with our certification according to DIN ISO 9002. In 2005, certification according to ISO 9001:2000, including HACCP, followed. Since then, we have gained certification under a number of other schemes, including ISO 22000, HALAL, Kosher and the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme.

JELU-WERK places the utmost importance on product safety and hygiene in its manufacturing processes. That way we ensure that our plant-based cellulose products can be used safely in foods and feedstuffs.