Functional wood fibres: JELUXYL

For our JELUXYL product line, we process virgin wood from sustainably managed forests (PEFC) to produce functional wood fibres and powders.

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Virgin wood

We use unadulterated virgin wood as the raw material for our JELUXYL product line.


To start with, we use a gentle drying method that permits homogeneous downstream processing.


We process the virgin wood in a special grinding process, which gives the natural fibres their particular properties.


We remove the dust from some products in the line on a lasting basis so that they are largely dust-free.


At the end we use a special screening process that separates fibres of different sizes from each other.


Our JELUXYL products are natural wood fibres and powders with a wide range of possible applications. They are used as filtration aids, for example, or as an additive to building chemicals and plastics.